Application for Music Education Funding

Students of Nanaimo schools interested in attending a Jazz Camp or Festival involving musical instruction are encouraged to apply to the Friends of Nanaimo Jazz Society. The Society will fund activities that occur between June 26th, 2016 and September 1st, 2016. To apply for funding, students need to write a letter to chair Sue Dawson, and address the following criteria:

  • What Jazz Camp, Festival, Clinic or Workshop do you want to attend and why?
  • What tuition costs are associated with attending this camp and what financial or in-kind support do you currently have and from what organization?
  • How does this particular event fit into your musical training and musical education plans?
  • With whom do you currently study?
  • In what extra-curricular music activities do you engage to give back to the community of Nanaimo?

Submit the application to the Society by June 7th, 2016. Applications can be emailed to or written and addressed to Ms. Dawson.

The Society only covers tuition or a part thereof and excludes travel, accommodations or expenses associated with attending Summer Music Education opportunities. Successful applicants will be expected to submit receipts and correspond with the society regarding the outcome of their educational pursuits.

All applications will receive a response from the society within a month of the final decision on funding.


Sue Dawson

Chair, Friends of Nanaimo Jazz Society